Our Playground
Amazing Playground equipment! Novel and adventurous areas are open to infants, toddlers and kids till 12 years old.
Different age groups: Infants, small kids, children to 12 yrs.
Playground Safety
At SUPER STAR, We are committed To Providing A Clean And Safe Environment

The following provides an outline of our basic conditions of entry.
Please read the rules carefully to ensure all our children’s and adults’ the safest and the most enjoyable experience at Superstar.


Superstar Playground Rules


  • Superstar equipment caters for children up to 12 years of age only.
  • Children must be supervised by a person no younger than 14 years old and shall not be left alone and unsupervised at all times.
  • Super Star only provides general supervision of the play area. Parents and caregivers should take ultimate responsibility for their children’s safety.
  • All adults and children must wear non-slippery socks at the Playground region at all times for hygiene and safety purposes.
  • Super Star playground does not allow any food or drink to be brought into our premise, except for baby food and formula, and birthday cakes with a Party room hire.
  • When children are using the slide they must go down feet first, no jumping or pushing from the top and no climbing back down the stairs.
  • No adults on the slide or the trampoline.
  • Super Star is not responsible for injuries or any claims for damages, resulting from the use of the play area. All accidents to be reported to management.
  • Super Star is not responsible for the loss of stolen articles.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited at all times.
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Auckland, 0632
New Zealand
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